All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 10/13/10


Provided By Eva

(Jesse talking to Jack)

Jesse: Angela lost her sight the night that David Hayward died. She still pushes herself to get up every morning to be the best chief of staff, the best doctor, the best wife, mother that she possibly can be until her head hits that pillow at night. And the fact that she never gives up, Jackson -- it's a huge inspiration to me and everybody that she knows. So if you need to serve somebody, you serve me. I hated Hayward just as much as anybody else did. You put me on that stand. You use me to make the best case you can for greenlee. You can't do this to Angela. Not now. Not if you are the decent, honorable, ethical man that I know you are.

Kendall: I guess I missed you, or not. Maybe you--maybe you saw it was me and you didn't want to talk. Um, the thing is, Zach, I'm calling to tell you that I'm so tired of walking on eggshells. I know you got mad, because I got caught up in the whole Ryan and Greenlee drama again. But when it counts, real couples get through stuff like this, and I always thought that we were a real couple. I still do. So that is why I am moving back into the house with our boys, and I really, really want you to come back to Pine Valley to join me. I just think it's time for us to just quit putting our lives on hold and figure this whole thing out. Either way, this is where I'm gonna be. This is where I belong. So, hopefully, we can just get past our mistakes and realize that what we have is too great. It's too great to throw away.

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