All My Children Best Lines Friday 10/8/10


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Annie: Yes. You wanted me because I was married to your father. You wanted me because I'm married to your cousin. Not because you ever really cared about me. Tell me honestly.

J.R.: You want the absolute truth? You want the brutal truth? Then take a look in that mirror, Annie, and you'll see what I've seen all along. You don't love Scott.

Scott: Not a good time.

Caleb: Good. All you gotta do is listen. You and your cousin Junior. Oh, boy. You two are like -- night and day. Just like your daddies. Like Adam and Stuart. My Uncle Pete couldn't stand Adam, but he respected your father. Now, I know you're trying to do the right thing in this partnership with your cousin. The fact is, my friend -- if you want to get what you want -- you're gonna have to fight for it. And when you're fighting somebody as dirty as junior -- you gotta fight harder and dirtier than he does. I know that's not your way.

Scott: Don't be so sure.

Colby: It has everything to do with A.J. You honestly can't believe that. Everything you do, the way you act, who you hurt, it all matters.

J.R.: I'm his father. And I have a shark of an attorney who'll destroy anyone who gets in my way.

Colby: The person who gets in your way the most is you.

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