All My Children Best Lines Thursday 10/7/10


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Annie: I made a mistake.

Scott: Thank you for stating the obvious.

Annie: I lost myself. You were gone and J.R. --

Scott: I'm sorry. I was gone? So this is my fault?

Annie: No. No.

Scott: J.R. had my plane sidetracked. I was trying to get home to you. You knew that.

Annie: I know this is not coming out right.

Scott: Because everything is wrong.

Annie: I just -- I had this party all planned. It was gonna be my big night and J.R. ruined my night. He ruined our night.

Scott: You leave me out of this, Annie.

Annie: He broke me down, Scott. He knew how to get to me and he did. I was a mess. I was like a mess. I was a heap on the floor.

Scott: What'd he do, huh? He sweep you off your feet?

Annie: No, he took advantage of me, Scott, and he took advantage of the situation.

Scott: What "situation," Annie?

Annie: This party that was gonna be my big coming-out party.

Scott: So you sleep with the guy. You sleep with the guy who blew it all to hell. On what planet does that make sense?

Annie: I know this seems insane, but after J.R. tore me up and ripped me apart --

Scott: If you even say he built you back up --

Annie: I was just weak. I was so weak, and if I hadn't been that weak, this never would've happened. It was just where I was at. I was in a bad place.

Scott: That makes me feel so much better.

Annie: Scott, you don't understand. I need you.

Scott: You were my wife!

Annie: I still am your wife.

Scott: I love you, Annie. I love you more than I have ever loved anyone. I had faith in you when nobody else did. I trusted you.

Annie: Stop talking like we're done, like this is over. I know you have faith in me and that's why I love --

Scott: You don't love, Annie. You take -- whatever you want, whenever you want, and to hell with everybody else. You and J.R. are a lot alike.

Annie: I don't want him.

Scott: I don't care. Because I'm done.

Annie: I forgave you.

Scott: What?

Annie: When you slept with Marissa, I forgave you.

Scott: Don't make me say it again.

[Door slams]

[Annie sobs]

Scott: You arrogant bastard.

J.R.: Ha ha. Maybe. Probably. Ha ha. Well, at least I'm honest.

Scott: Is that a joke?

J.R.: Annie and I -- it was always meant to be. Whether we wanted it to be or not. Denial sure as hell didn't kill it, and neither did your marriage.

Scott: You're as delusional as I was, J.R. You and Annie are not some monumental love story. She is just a trophy for you to get your hands on.

J.R.: Is that right?

Scott: Yeah, that's right. You couldn't take Chandler Enterprises from me, so you tried to take my wife instead.

J.R.: Not tried, Scotty-boy.

Scott: I hope you enjoyed it. Because that's the last win you're ever gonna get.

J.R.: When is it gonna sink in with you? It's not about winning. It's about belonging. And one of us belongs at the head of this family and the other one doesn't. Do you care to guess which one you are?

Scott: Your ego is something else.

J.R.: Yeah, well, you call it ego. I call it reality.

Scott: I guess I missed the memo declaring you the chosen one.

J.R.: Not the chosen one. The only one. Chandler is my birthright.

Scott: Your own father didn't see it that way.

J.R.: Yeah, my father was angry because his wife wanted me and not him. Does that sound familiar?

Scott: Go to hell.

J.R.: My father used you to get back at me. He actually believed you could take his place. There's no way you could ever fill Adam's shoes.

Scott: Unlike you, filling Adam Chandler's shoes isn't my lifelong destiny. I'm my own man.

J.R.: Yeah. Look where that got you.

Scott: I guess we can't all be as happy as you, J.R. On the brink of a nasty custody battle. Another failed marriage.

J.R.: That has nothing to do with this.

Scott: It has everything to do with this. Because for you, it's all the same. The company, your son, Annie. These are all things to be acquired.

J.R.: And I can have all 3 of them. And there's nothing that you can do about it. So why don't you go back to doing what you're good at -- being Stuart's son? A nice guy with all the nice, shiny goals.

Caleb: I'm here to see Scott. Is he home?

Scott: You don't get to tell me who I am, J.R. You don't get to tell me where I belong. I may not have been born into this family, but on my worst day, I'm more of a Chandler than you.

J.R.: Care to put your DNA up to the test?

Scott: Look around you, J.R. We're not in the schoolyard anymore. You can't taunt me and break me down like you did Annie.

J.R.: Oh, I didn't break Annie, but I can break you.

Scott: Yeah? You do your worst. You do your worst. This family needs me. This company needs me. I'm not going anywhere.

J.R.: Since when?

Scott: Since I saved its ass. And yours. And Colby's and A.J.'s. Your father put me in charge of this company to protect it from you, and that's exactly what I did.

J.R.: Really?

Scott: Yeah.

J.R.: You're being serious right now? You really believe -- that you protected this place?

Scott: What would you call it? This company is doing better than it has in years. I brought Chandler back from the brink.

J.R.: I call it putting the entire Chandler empire at risk by stealing it from a dead man.

[Caleb comes in the room)

J.R.: I'm firing that maid for letting him in. He almost heard something about you stealing Uncle Palmer's nanotech project. If that would've happened, Chandler would've been done.

Scott: So he's representing Marissa in the custody case, huh?

J.R.: Yeah. I'm not worried.

Scott: I wonder what he'd say if he knew you slept with my wife.

J.R.: You mean the way that you slept with mine?

Scott: No. You were so proud of yourself when I walked in on you tonight. But you're gonna lose, J.R. Your company, your son, everything that you feel like you're entitled to. And I'm gonna make that happen.

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