All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 10/6/10


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J.R.: Here. Drink this.

[Glass breaks]

Annie: So I'll feel better?

J.R.: It couldn't have hurt.

Annie: No, that's your department. Why did you do it, J.R.? Wait. I know why. Because you're alone and you're miserable, and you needed me to miserable, too?

J.R.: That's not true.

Annie: You needed me to be a failure because you failed at everything?

J.R.: Annie, you're looking at this the wrong way.

Annie: Oh, look at you. You've already lost your wife. You're about to lose your son, and you're probably gonna lose your company to Caleb.

J.R.: No. No one is taking anything from me!

Annie: Why? Because you'll burn them to the ground? God, I was such an idiot giving you my bone marrow. I saved your life so you could just turn around and ruin mine? God! Oh, I can't believe I really actually cared about you!

J.R.: If you're not gonna --

Annie: Don't you dare touch me. Don't you ever, ever touch me again! Do you hear me?! Ever! I hate you, J.R. I really, really hate you.

J.R.: What the hell were you thinking? That branch landed two feet from you. You could've been killed.

Annie: That would've just made this night complete.

J.R.: No, don't say that.

Annie: Don't you dare try to pretend like you care, not after what you did to me tonight!

J.R.: Oh, come on, Annie. It was just a party.

Annie: It was so much more than a party, and you know that! Otherwise, you wouldn't have gone so out of your way to ruin it for me! God, J.R.! This was my chance. This was my chance to be someone.

J.R.: You are someone.

Annie: Who am I? Crazy Annie? Who am I? What, am I the gold-digging slut who married Adam Chandler and then cheated on him with his son?! God! Women like that, women like me, we don't get respect. We get made fun of, we get spit on, or worse, we get ignored. Tonight this was gonna be my time to prove them all wrong. Tonight was gonna change all of that. I was gonna walk in that room, and people were going to pay attention! They were gonna listen to me. They were gonna look at me with respect. You don't understand it. You don't get it. When you're born a Chandler, even at your lowest of low, you get respect. You're always seen. I just want to be seen! And I try so hard, and it never works! Look at me. I'm still nothing. God, I'll always be nothing. Ohh!

J.R.: I'm sorry, Annie.

Annie: No, you're not. J.R., look at me. Annie, look at me, please. I'm sorry.' I never mean to hurt you.

Annie: Hurt me? No, You broke me.

J.R.: I was trying to break Scott for taking everything that belonged to me -- my father's respect, my family company, you.

Annie: Stop pretending like I matter to you.

J.R.: You do matter to me.

Annie: Enough! You got what you wanted, so just leave me alone!

J.R.: Is that some sort of joke? That's a joke, right? What I've always wanted is you.

Annie: No.

J.R.: That's why all this got so crazy. That's why I did what I did -- because you married myth cousin. You practically killed me, Annie. That's why I lost it. I wanted to get back at everyone. I wanted to get back at Scott for taking you away from me, and you for turning your back on us.

Annie: There is no "us."

J.R.: There could be an "us" if you would just give us a chance and stop fighting it.

Annie: I can't.

J.R.: Yes, you can. You want to be seen? I'm looking right at you. I am looking right at you, a beautiful woman who's strong, who cannot be broken. Come on, Annie. I know you. And I know you need this as much as I do.

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