All My Children Best Lines Friday 10/1/10


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Annie: Does J.R. know you're having a sleepover?

Marissa: Excuse me?

Annie: I was just wondering if you told A.J.'s father about your plans.

Marissa: Are you questioning what I do with my son?

Annie: He's J.R.'s son, too.

Marissa: Not that it's any of your business, but I left J.R. a message on his cell phone. A.J. wants to hang out with Miranda. It was his idea.

Annie: So why don't they just hang out here?

Marissa: If it were up to me, A.J. would spend as little time as possible in this place. It's toxic.

Annie: And Wildwind isn't? The home of the man who's trying to destroy A.J.'s father?

Marissa: It's also Miranda's home, and A.J. wants to see her. If J.R. has a problem with that, you can tell him that I'll see him in court.

Annie: I don't have time to be your messenger. I'm planning a party. The sooner you're out of here, the better.

Annie: I'm just a little stressed out. This party's kind of a big deal. And so are custody battles. I've been there, and they get mean and they get nasty. And I hated putting Emma through that. I was really hoping A.J. wouldn't have to go through that either. We've gotten close, and he's a sweet little boy. I just think a battle like this could really damage--

Marissa: Did I not make myself clear? I don't need your advice about my child.

Annie: I'm just speaking from experience.

Marissa: Yeah, well, you've had a lot of that, haven't you?

Annie: Why are you like this? I'm just trying to find peace within my home, within my family.

Marissa: Peace for your big, important party?

Annie: Yeah. Is that so much to ask?

Marissa: You don't have the right to ask me for anything.

Annie: J.R. Is upset. When he gets upset, he loses control, and that would be bad for everyone.

Marissa: And by everyone, you mean you?

Annie: I mean all of us. Scott and I are trying to start our lives together. We don't need you doing this to J.R., antagonizing him. He's already on edge.

Marissa: Well, if he is, I'm sure you've been consoling him.

Annie: I've shown genuine concern. I've tried to make the situation better. What is wrong with you?

Marissa: I just want to take A.J. and get out of here.

Annie: Do you realize what you are doing by taking A.J., what that does to J.R.? If you get full custody, he will never see his son again. Come on! You could get married again. You could have more children. J.R. might not be able to do that because of the chemo.

Marissa: Don't you dare talk about J.R.'s cancer. I was by his side day and night. You just swooped in and seduced him.

Annie: Really? 'Cause from what I remember, I helped him beat the cancer. Remember? I saved his life.

Marissa: You slept with a married man. You tore apart a family. You cheated on your husband.

Annie: So did you. I am done trying to reason with you. I am just telling you, if you go after J.R., you are going to hurt everybody, especially your son. Clearly, you don't care. So I am getting back to getting my party together.

Marissa: Ha ha! Do you even realize how ridiculous you are? Trying to pass yourself off as some socialite? No one is buying it, Annie. Everyone's laughing at you.

Annie: You're just jealous.

Marissa: Of what? None of it's genuine. You have no class.

Annie: And you do?

Marissa: At least I have a little shame. You teeter around in your high heels, flaunting your cleavage, reminding everyone that you're little Mrs. Fill-in-the-blank Chandler. You're just a bad cliché. You're a pathetic wannabe.

Annie: Get out of my house.

Marissa: Your house? You mean the house that you slept your way into? This whole act didn't work when you were married to Adam, and it's not going to work now. Everyone knows that you're nothing but a golddigging slut.

Annie: And you are invisible! You stand next to me, and--poof! You disappear! And it kills you, doesn't it

Caleb: When Majors is done with you, you'll be lucky if you see A.J. at all.

J.R.: I should have known. You're the one that told Marissa about him. Well, too bad. He's working for me now. She'll have to find another lawyer. Good luck finding one who's willing to cross the Chandlers.

Caleb: That won't be too hard.

J.R.: That's what you think.

Caleb: No, that's what I know. I'm gonna handle her case.

J.R.: You? Ha ha! We'll destroy you.

Caleb: Well, good luck with that. You took my company, I'm gonna make sure Marissa takes your son. Have a nice day.


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