All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 9/29/10


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Angie: Oh, gosh, just completely overwhelmed by the generosity of these people.

Tad: No. I mean how are you doing?

Angie: You mean surrounded by all of these faces, and I can't see a damn thing?

Tad: Mm-hmm.

Angie: I hate it, but I'm trying to take things a moment at a time and pass on the positive energy to the baby and positive feelings.

Tad: I'm so proud of you. I swear it. You're a better human than I am, you know that?

Angie: Well, you know, right now I'm feeling pretty small. This is the most humbling experience of my life, Tad.

Tad: Well, stick around. You're gonna get bigger.

[Both chuckling]

J.R.: He's the one who made the mess. He should clean it up. So, where is he?

Annie: If you want a face-to-face with my husband, I would try the office. If you want a show, I'll e-mail you my shower schedule.

J.R.: Snap. Try not to miss me when I'm gone.

Jesse: Oh. Waiter on your left with the water.

Tad: Right here, baby, on the left. Right there.

Angie: Tad, I'm blind, not deaf.

Tad: Right. Got it.

All: Oh!

Angie: Oh, I'm so --

Waiter: I'll get something to clean that up with.

Jesse: It's a little water. Nothing.

Angie: Are people staring?

Jesse: Uh, yeah, but people always stare when you spill water in a restaurant. Not a problem. No big deal. Thanks a lot, buddy.

Waiter: Here you go. For you. Would you like to see a menu?

Angie: I wish I could see it.

Waiter: Oh, I didn't realize.

Angie: No, no. It's ok. Actually, it's a compliment that you couldn't tell.

Waiter, loudly: I'll give you a few minutes.

Tad: She's blind, not deaf.

Angie: Let's move on, ok? Are there any good specials today, Tad?

Tad: Yeah, yeah, yeah, there are. You want me to read them to you?

Angie: That would be lovely.

Tad: Ah, terrific. It gives me a chance to bone up on my French.

Jesse: Ha ha!

Tad: Eh, maintenant, les entrees de speciale du jour est poulet fou avec de bar-be-cue.

Angie: Ha ha!

Jesse: You the fool.

[All laugh]

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