All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 9/28/10


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Madison: Frankie. Hey, it's Madison. You remember that trip I told you I was taking with Ryan? I'm having second thoughts about where we should go, and I was hoping I could run some ideas by you. So call me when you can, ok?

Randi: I don't think Frankie is the best person to ask about European vacations. You know, most of his time spent over there was in Germany changing planes on his way to Iraq.

Madison: I didn't see you standing there. Huh. I was just calling Frankie to --

Randi: I heard -- see if he could help.

Madison: Right. I wanted a male perspective, you know?

Randi: You know, I just got back from Italy. Why wouldn't you ask me? I'd be happy to tell you where I think you should go.

Caleb: Why don't you tell me what's going on in that weaselly, conniving little mind of yours?

J.R.: I guess you're just gonna have to figure that out, Mountain Man.

Caleb: Well, figure this out. Next time you show up at my door, you're gonna be looking down the barrel of my shotgun.

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