All My Children Best Lines Friday 9/24/10


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Angie: Frankie?

Frankie: How'd you know it was me?

Angie: Your scent.

Frankie: So, you ready for the big end of your first trimester appointment?

Angie: Well, Mama's a little nervous, but, yeah, I'm ready.

Frankie: Well, every indication is that the baby is fine.

Angie: Spoken like a doctor with an excellent bedside manner.

Frankie: Hmm. You just bring me back a sonogram picture, because I got to get started on a really embarrassing nickname for that child.

[Angie laughs]

Angie: I spent these last few weeks almost completely focused on adjusting to life without my sight -- navigating my home, the hospital, trying to figure out how to do my job and how to live my life as much as possible as if I am not blind. The fact is I am blind, and I never realized until now just how hard it is for my family.

Tad: Of course, it is. It's never easy to see somebody you love so much suffer.

Angie: They try so hard to hide it. I mean, Frankie is always so upbeat and positive, but I can hear the anguish in his voice. And Jesse --

Angie: [Sighs] Well, today when we got the ultrasound -- it kills him that I can't see our child. And so he acted like a picture of the baby was just no big deal, you know, all to spare my feelings. I want him to feel the joy of this baby, you know, and not worry about me.

Tad: Well, you're gonna have to forgive him. There's nothing you can do about Jesse worrying. It's gonna take some time for your family and your friends to be as ok, as accepting, and as brave as you are about it.

Angie: I just don't want them tiptoeing around me or treating me like an invalid, Tad. I can't handle that.

Tad: Well -- ahem -- I give you my word, darling. I'm not about to do either. I'll tell you flat out the only reason I'm taking you to lunch is so I can park in the handicap zone by the door. Come on. Let's go.

Angie: That's why I love you.

Tad: Oh, yeah? Is that right? If you love me so much, why don't you show me the sonogram everybody's talking about?

Angie: All right. Ok, let's see. What do you think?

Tad: It's upside down for one thing.

Angie: [Smacks Tad] What do you think?

Tad: Poor little guy.

Angie: What?

Tad: You look just like Jesse.

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