All My Children Best Lines Thursday 9/16/10


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Caleb: Your daddy's name. That's all you've got, J.R.

J.R.: My father's gone. It's my name now. And I call it a damn good start to sending your ass back to the woods. You see, I thought at first you were just a nuisance. Turns out that you're a real threat. So I'm not gonna stand around and wait for you to come after me. I'm coming after you with both barrels blazing.

Greenlee: Ryan doesn't remember what happened that night. He was in that room with David. They got into a fight. He had that empty vial in his pocket. God, I hate this. I hate that my husband is dead, and I hate that the man who could've killed him is the guy that I --

Kendall: Love? Is that the word you were looking for?

Greenlee: You know what I mean.

Kendall: You're a mess, ok? That's what I know. You're a complete mess. You're mourning David, you're falling back in love with Ryan, and you're taking everyone you know along for this crazy, ridiculous ride. Well, you know what? I want off.

Caleb (to Scott): Neither one of us trusts your cousin as far as we can throw him. And I could throw him pretty far.

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