All My Children Best Lines Friday 8/20/10


Provided By Gisele

Greenlee: Yes. I wanted to see if she wanted to take Spike to the zoo.

David: Huh. You and Kendall at the zoo? So who would feed the other to the tiger first?

Krystal: No. Would you tell him how David's making life hell over there for the patients and the staff alike?

Jesse: Not to mention ruining the reputation of the entire hospital.

Angie: If something isn't done soon, the place will go under.

Caleb: Are we talking about the same guy that people say sabotaged Dorothy's plane?

Jesse: "Dorothy"?

Krystal: Erica.

Jesse: Not even gonna touch that one. But if you can help us get this guy out of there, we will all owe you big time.

Caleb: Has anybody in this town ever heard the words "not involved"?

Krystal: Nope. You're here, you're needed, get used to it. He'll help.

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