All My Children Best Lines Monday 8/16/10


Provided By Gisele

David: Those are nothing but vicious rumors that Greenlee and I had anything to do with your mother's plane crash.

Kendall: Well, you know what they say about rumors. There's a little truth to every one.

Annie: Yeah. I certainly hope so. Hey. Hey, what is it? Don't you want me to marry Scott?

Emma: You get married a lot.

Kendall: Ryan figured that whatever David was using to blackmail Greenlee, he had stashed in his safe.

Zach: Do you hear yourself?

Kendall: I know. It's crazy.

Zach: It's not crazy. It's normal. It's Pine Valley, right? You spent a year away from this madness, and now you're telling me you missed it?

Kendall: No. No.

Zach: And the life we have now, is it everything I promised you it would be?

Kendall: Yeah, and then some.

Zach: Ok, and would you honestly say that we've never been happier?

Kendall: I would.

Zach: And here you are again, risking everything. You've been back here five minutes. Already you're swimming in the drama.

Kendall: Zach --

Zach: What? You tell me Ryan is sick, he's not doing well. He looks fine. He's gained a couple of pounds, but he's doing ok. What?

Kendall: My phone. I think I left it in David's room. Zach, if he finds it, Greenlee is in serious trouble.

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