All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 7/7/10


Provided By Gisele

Madison: Well, my painters aren't gonna be finished until tonight. It's just a tiny little studio. I don't know why they're not done yet.

Ryan: Personally, I kind of liked when you were staying at the casino just one floor away.

Madison: That was a sweet thing to say. Well, I miss being on top of you, too -- in the hotel. I mean, I'll -- I'll miss spending the night in your --

[Ryan laughs]

Madison: I think I'm just gonna stop talking now.

David: It's going all right. I was just leaving.

Ryan: Really? Why? What's the rush?

David: Well, apparently, unlike you, I have a life.

Ryan: A life, yes. A home, no.

David: That's all right, Ryan. My wife and I are enjoying the luxurious accommodations at the Yacht Club. They have the most comfortable beds.

Caleb: Well, Doc here was just giving me the lowdown.

Erica: Oh. Well, how low did he go? Did he tell you that these two are the ones responsible for sabotaging my plane?

Caleb: No, he didn't. You sabotaged her plane? I mean, you destroyed my home?

Erica: Caleb built his home by hand. It took him two years to finish.

David: Ok, you know what? Erica must've banged her head during that crash, because she's obviously not thinking clearly.

Caleb: Well, she's thinking a lot more clearly than you are, buddy.

Greenlee: She is the queen of working people.

Caleb: Listen, Bambi here might be buying your story, but not me. You wreck my house, I take yours.

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