All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 6/30/10


Provided By Gisele

Erica: A shock? It's crazy. Jack, asking this -- this mountain man to run a corporation? I mean, that's like asking a gorilla to perform brain surgery.

Caleb: Oh, I could compare you to a monkey, but that would be an insult -- to the monkey.

Jack: "Preserving my family legacy not just in deed, but in name, is of utmost importance. Therefore, I would like Caleb to change his surname from Cooney to Cortlandt. Finally, every resident of this town deserves a proper welcome. So, by the end of the summer -- I'd like Erica and Caleb to co-host a party to formally introduce my nephew to Pine Valley."

Caleb: That's not going to happen, Captain Marvel. There's only one thing worse than people, and that's a room full of them.

Erica: Thank you. Jack has great taste.

Caleb: Hmm, and perfect hair.

Erica: Yeah, he showers. He actually takes care of himself. I'll drive you to the bus.

Annie: Um, well, can you at least let me know if you've seen the photographer that I hired?

Frankie: If he doesn't have an irritable bowel or a nail stuck in his head, then I haven't seen him.

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