All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 6/23/10


Provided By Gisele

Madison: Listen, Erica asked me for the truth, so I gave it to her. She decided that she was well enough to act on it. Why not trust Erica to know what's best for Erica?

Frankie: Because I'm a doctor, and she nearly died on a mountain.

Madison: You know what? I swear if it were a man insisting that he was well enough to leave, you would slap him on the back and wish him luck. But, oh, no, because it's a woman, now all of a sudden it's about protecting the fragile little flower.

Frankie: Ok, if I were to slap Erica, given her condition, she'd either fall or fly -- like, away. She might even disappear. I don't know.

Madison: Not funny.

Damon: You still think I'm just a kid?

Liza: Pretty much.

Damon: How old was Tad when he slept with your mom?

Liza: Oh. Wow. That is really none of your business.

Damon: I just want to hear about it. I mean, she must've been pretty hot, right? Like, at least as hot as you? Huh.

Ryan: If Erica and Greenlee go at it, the damage -- it could be huge.

Madison: Erica and Greenlee are two of the strongest women that I know. And this is their fight, ok, not yours or Jackson's or David's. So why don't you just back off and let Erica do what Erica needs to do? And for the record, not all women need saving, ok, especially from themselves.

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