All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 6/2/10


Provided By Gisele

Ryan: Can I have another glass, please? And get one for my friend here, too. That would be fantastic. I'm sure with all the arguing with Greenlee lately, I mean, you could use another glass.

David: No, I just would like the check, please. And I'm not buying his drink, by the way. So tell me, Ryan, why the sudden interest in my marriage?

Ryan: Oh, I'm not interested in your marriage, David. In fact, it's been a sham from the beginning. The interesting part for me is the fact that you don't seem to realize that yet, and that you've fallen for Greenlee, which is sweet, really. I mean, it's gonna be a lot more sweet when the whole thing blows up in your face.

David: Married couples have disagreements. What you saw meant nothing.

Ryan: Really? Good. Well, that's good to hear. I mean, I am curious as to what you could have possibly said to her to make her look at you like that.

David: What look?

Ryan: Like she wanted to be anywhere on the planet except standing next to you.

Tad: You and Damon got a really good thing going. But you've also got a lot of time ahead of you. Now, you don't necessarily have to rush anything.

Colby: Is this a sex talk?

Tad: Oh, God, no.

Colby: Ok, good. Thank you.

Tad: What is sex?

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