All My Children Best Lines Thursday 5/13/10


Provided By Gisele

Scott: Ooh. Think you might have sprained it.

Annie: Oh, great. That's just great. That's great. Crippled and poor. You really couldn't have gotten that guy? One flying tackle, I'd have my purse back. Would it really have killed you to get a couple grass stains?

Scott: Crazy me. I saw the guy choking the life out of you, and I thought it was more important to get your purse back.

Annie: Who needs to breathe if I can't afford to eat? Oh --

Scott: Adam really had you kicked out?

Annie: Yes. Me and my daughter. Do you think it ever occurred to Adam to think of the trauma that would cause Emma? Luckily Ryan agreed to take her in for a little while. I don't want Emma to have to deal with what I have to deal with, being penniless, on the street, not knowing where my next meal's coming from. What am I gonna do?

Scott: I don't know, sweetie. Collect your Oscar? Best supporting actress in her own drama?

Jackson: I don't know what it would be. Bahia's not gonna move, because they're scared to death that Erica's gonna sue them.

Greenlee: Well, then you tell them that I'm gonna sue them for not honoring the agreement they made with me.

Jackson: That's not an option. Your contract was never finalized.

Greenlee: Because Erica stole the documents! She interfered in my business! I want her arrested!

Jackson: Please.

Greenlee: Just let me snap her in half.

Scott: No. It was my father's, and now it's mine. So you and Adam can pay off all the judges that you want, but Annie is perfectly free to stay at the gatehouse as my guest.

J.R.: How naive are you? Annie's been playing you ever since she stuck her tongue down your throat.

Scott: She needs a place to stay, I have the room.

J.R.: Yeah, nice big bed, too.

Annie: Maybe Scott is just showing some basic human decency, kindness, things you know nothing about.

J.R.: I know enough about you, and whatever kind, decent thing Scott does, you'll repay the favor by sticking a knife in his back or -- tire iron.

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