All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 5/11/10


Provided By Gisele

David: Ryan is back in Pine Valley, so get on it, or should I say him?

Madison: I can't talk right now. I'm at work.

David: Yeah? Well, you work for me now, so listen. Despite appearances, Ryan isn't as stupid as he looks, so you're gonna have to ease into it, or he's gonna catch on.

Greenlee: That's just what you don't get. I'm not sad. I have no regrets. Ryan and I have changed. We're in different places. We want different things, and we are both ok with that. We're at peace with it, and it feels -- really good. Besides, why would I take relationship advice from you, the man who refuses to dropkick Erica?

Jack: Ok. And thus ends this little conversation.

Liza: Oh, God, please tell me you're not pregnant.

Colby: Yes, I'm pregnant -- with twins. Oh, no, wait. Maybe I'm not. Maybe I'll just stuff a pillow up my shirt, make everyone believe I'm pregnant, then secretly adopt a baby. And then, when everyone falls in love with him -- I'll just give him back.

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