All My Children Best Lines Monday 5/10/10


Provided By Gisele

David: Now, it's not like I'm asking you to seduce a troll. Apparently, for whatever reason, women find Ryan attractive. You like the man, right? You get along. So just think of this as the next step in your relationship. And who knows? You and Ryan might fall in love someday. Hey, you can name your first kid after me.

Madison: Love? Is that what you and Greenlee have? Because I cannot imagine any woman, especially a woman as strong as Greenlee, being able to stomach, let alone love, someone as possessive and paranoid as you are.

David: This is about saving my marriage.

Madison: Well, if you have to go to this kind of extreme, it's not going to work.

David: Great. Words of advice from the woman whose idea of ending her marriage is to kill her husband.

Madison: You play this dark, scary, all-powerful master of the universe, but you know what? I think the truth is that you're just a frightened, jealous little man who knows that he doesn't have what it takes to hang onto his wife.

David: You might want to lose the attitude, sweetheart.

Madison: Or what? You really want to threaten a woman that you believe is capable of cold-blooded murder?

David: You have 24 hours.

Annie: Go ahead. Just try to make my life a living hell. I am warning you, I will do whatever it takes to protect myself.

J.R.: Yeah, well, you just make sure you do it far away from here!

Annie: Oh, I thought apologies were supposed to make you feel better.

Scott: No. No, Annie, you don't apologize to feel better. You apologize so the other person doesn't feel quite so bad.

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