All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 5/4/10


Provided By Gisele

Erica: Are you following me?

Jack: I'd have to be behind you to follow you, but I am glad to see you.

David: Ok, fine, but before you storm off, answer me one question. How exactly did you get away with murder?

Madison: I don't know what you're talking about.

David: Neither do I. I just overheard Randi talk about this murder. So obviously, you can't blame me for being curious, right?

Madison: You were eavesdropping?

David: You murdered someone?

Madison: It's a common expression, right -- "getting away with murder"?

David: True. But murder is nothing to joke about.

Madison: It was a figure of speech.

David: Right. And I guess when Randi was speaking about your dead victim lying on the floor, that could be interpreted as a figure of speech. But the problem with that is that you seemed awfully tense and so did Randi. Now, if it is true -- if you did actually kill somebody --

Madison: This is ridiculous!

David: Madison, listen to me. Now I can tell you that I've learned the hard way that no matter how deep you bury a secret, eventually it rises to the surface. Now, if you did have a secret -- and I'm speaking hypothetically, of course -- and it involved a dead person, that is something that could detonate your entire life, not just your job.

Madison: Thank you for the warning.

David: What are friends for?

Jack: Oh, yes, I know firsthand just exactly how giving you can be.

Erica: When the spirit moves. I'm just glad that we're past any hard feelings about my decision to nip it in the bud.

Jack: My bud won't be sore for long. So what kind of mood are you in right now?

Erica: You're here to see a client.

Jack: He's in traction. He can wait. But me on the other hand -- feel. Palpitations.

J.R.: What my wife and I do is none of your business, no matter how many vases you break.

Annie: Hmm, yes. Yes. Nothing like a little guilt to spice up a marriage, hmm?

Janet: You just have to trust me to do what's best for you.

Amanda: Oh, like when you pushed Babe down the stairs because she was mean to me? Or when you stole her son?

Janet: Oh, he looked so cute in that manger.

Amanda: You drugged and kidnapped people.

Janet: Uh, well, it wasn't my fault that they interfered. I hated the way they were treating you.

Amanda: Is that why you blew up the Mardi Gras party?

Janet: I said I was sorry!

Amanda: Oh, my God, when are you gonna stop? When are you gonna realize? You always think that you're being loving and supportive.

Janet: I am.

Amanda: You hurt people.

Janet: It is not my fault that they get in the way.

Amanda: You killed Daddy and you put him in a freezer. [Crying]

Janet: I thought that we could defrost him and bring him back to life later. You know that. All right, I was wrong. I admit that, but I'm all better now.

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