All My Children Best Lines Monday 4/26/10


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Colby: Dad couldn't stand the thought of losing Brooke again, so he went with her. You have to admit that's really romantic.

Marissa: It would be if he weren't still married to Annie.

Colby: That's what lawyers are for. And, I mean, Barry -- he knows how to draw up Dad's divorce papers by heart.

David: I would never do anything to hurt Greenlee.

Liza: That's good because I don't have any more room in my schedule to defend you.

David: You know, it's so ironic. Everybody thinks I'm this monster, this heartless bastard that manipulates women, drives them to do desperate things. What about Ryan, hmm? I mean, look at all the things he's done to the women in his life. I mean, Annie -- she went crazy, right? Kendall -- she leaves the country. Greenlee winds up locked up in some castle tower somewhere because he's convinced he can get her to love him again. And how is that any different from me? It isn't. So why does everyone think that he's the better man?

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