All My Children Best Lines Monday 4/12/10


Provided By Gisele

Greenlee: Huh. You did a hell of a lot more than cry on each other's shoulder.

Kendall: Well, nothing made sense anymore. I mean, you were gone. The grief -- it just took over us. We had to go to Connecticut to identify your body. And when we got to the morgue, I wouldn't let Ryan lift that sheet. I wish I had now. But I didn't want his last memory of you to be decomposing on a table in a morgue.

Greenlee: Having sex is a much better way to honor my memory.

Kendall: It was an accident.

Greenlee: Again with the accident. You keep throwing around this word like it should get you off the hook or something. Well, was the cover-up an accident? No. Was having sex with Ryan when you thought I was in the morgue an accident? No.

Kendall: We were grieving, Greenlee. It didn't mean anything.

Greenlee: It didn't mean anything? It didn't mean anything?

Kendall: No, that's not what I'm trying to say.

Greenlee: You're still lying, and it's no accident. There were no accidents, were there? You wanted Ryan. You were trying to kill me.

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