All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 4/6/10


Provided By Gisele

Greenlee: Ryan betrayed me.

Erica: Oh, get over it, Greenlee. Just because Ryan had sex after he thought you died? He didn't betray you. And he never stopped loving you. And if you still love him, then you will find a way to work things out. That's what grown-up people do.

Greenlee: Hmm. Is that what you said to my father after you started sleeping with Jeff?

Annie: Adam is at the hospital holding vigil over Saint Brooke right now?

Colby: Yes. Annie, my dad cares a lot about Brooke. He didn't want to leave her alone.

J.R.: Where are you going?

Annie: I am just gonna go show my support.

Colby: Annie, no one wants you at the hospital. Why don't you do something productive, like pluck your eyebrows? Well, she won't be here for long.

Colby: Ok, if you're gonna be all big brother protective over me, look, I know what I'm doing.

J.R.: Yeah. Just like Dad thought he had a handle on Annie. We all know how that worked out. Now we have a rabid dog on our hands.

Liza: Ok, so what is the plan to get David to go to trial?

Greenlee: Tell him the D.A. wouldn't make a deal.

Liza: That's completely unethical.

Greenlee: Ha! We're not gonna let a petty thing like ethics stop us from saving a man from prison, are we?

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