All My Children Best Lines Monday 4/5/10


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J.R.: Well, they're gonna want to know about your experience, the procedure, and what it was like to be a donor.

Annie: Well, I mean, there really wasn't much to it. I was just put under and woke up a few hours later with a sore, you know --

Scott: No, no, no. I know what you're doing with Annie. It won't work.

J.R.: It already is. It's amazing what a little gratitude does. I'm gonna keep showing her that gratitude until she realizes I've changed my mind about her. She'll let her guard down. She'll start to trust me.

Scott: And you'll turn on her. Yeah. How do you think that's gonna make Adam feel?

J.R.: He's gonna thank me for exposing her for the gold-digging whore that she really is. I'll tell you what, you focus on the company. Try not to lose any more deals like Slater's casino.

David: No need to keep all that rage locked up inside, Erica. I know you're just dying to unleash the wrath of Kane on me. How dare I broach the possibility that your beloved Kendall could pay for what she did to Greenlee.

Erica: Keep your voice down.

David: I saw everything, Erica. I saw the accident. I saw who was driving. I even heard Zach talking to Kendall, crafting some cover story while Greenlee gasped what could've been her last breath on that freezing bank below.

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