All My Children Best Lines Friday 3/26/10


Provided By Gisele

Amanda: I wonder how the messenger knew to find us here.

Jake: Don't you know that when Erica hires a model, she always has them followed to make sure they stick on a zero-calorie diet so they can fit in the zero-size clothes they have to wear for her. You don't know that?

Amanda: Good-bye, little friends.

Jake: That's all right. Could somebody -- thank you. I mean, you could eat that whole plate and still be skinny like a stick.

Amanda: Yeah, well, as long as I didn't eat the fries with the plate.

Ryan: Yeah. Just, I've seen her deal with a lot more stress a lot more cool, you know?

Madison: Excuse me. I have to go deal with this calmly.

Randi: Nice try.

Madison: I'm sorry? Did you say something?

Randi: I said nice try. I don't think you're his type.

Madison: Oh? What is his type, exactly?

Randi: Sane.

Jack: Uh, Jake, come here. You can't take any of this personally. I mean, your wife is gonna be a big star, so you may as well start getting used to it.

Jake: Oh, yeah. I'm -- yeah. I'm fine. It'll be great.

Jack: Good. Good. I'm glad to hear that because, you know, some men, they can't stand the strain. Like, look at me, for instance. I'm a pretty big deal, top of my profession --

Jake: Sure.

Jack: The admiration and respect of my peers, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You know who I was when I was married to that one?

Jake: Mr. Erica Kane?

Jack: No. Mr. Erica Kane, Esquire.

Jack: Yeah. I mean, don't misunderstand me. This is gonna be great for her. It can also be great for you. I mean, Amanda is about to get involved in a very glamorous, very exciting job, and she seems to have a lot of passion for it --

Jake: Sure.

Jack: And there's nothing like a woman who can bring that passion to all facets of her life -- if you can handle it.

Jake: I think I can handle it.

Jack: Good because there ain't nothing like it.

Jake: Right.

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