All My Children Best Lines Friday 3/19/10


Provided By Gisele

Adam: Annie, are you all right?

Annie: Yeah. I'm fine now.

Brooke: Do you always hang out in the tunnels?

Annie: It's my house. I can do whatever I want.

Brooke: I was just curious about what you were up to, that's all.

Adam: As am I.

Annie: Well, that makes three of us. I heard you two talking, saying you didn't want me to be suspicious of what you're doing. So tell me. What exactly is it that you're doing?

Adam: Brooke and I have been talking about "Tempo." We have an exciting new assignment for you. But we didn't want to talk too much about it until we cleared everything up. We didn't want you to become suspicious of the participants who are refusing to participate.

J.R.: Did you wash your hands?

Annie: Of course. What, do you think I'd infect you on purpose?

J.R.: Yes.

Adam: I'll go directly to my wife, thank you.

David: Don't waste your time. Annie is no angel, Adam. Your wife is the same opportunistic liar she's always been, and sooner or later she's gonna do something that's gonna send your heart into overdrive, and when she does, you're gonna want me to be there to save you. Now, obviously, I can provide stellar medical care, but I can be useful in other ways, as well. You're gonna need someone's eyes and ears around this house for you. I can do that. I can watch. I can listen. I can report anything that I hear, but most important, protect you from the enemy.

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