All My Children Best Lines Monday 3/15/10


Provided By Gisele

Greenlee: I told you: It's all gonna be worked out today when we hammer out the details with Erica.

Madison: Well, I think you're gonna need a big hammer.

Greenlee: Don't worry. I've got a lot of tools on my belt.

Madison: Well, for your sake, I hope that's true. Because from where I'm sitting, it doesn't really look like you and Erica are meant to have a lasting partnership. What time is Erica scheduled to be here?

Greenlee: 20 minutes ago.

Madison: Maybe she's finding her own hammer.

Adam: What the hell you trying to do?

David: Oh, just trying to slow down your ridiculously dangerous heart rate. And from your sudden burst of crankiness, I'd say it worked.

Adam: Well, I get cranky every time someone tries to drown me.

Madison: Give me a break. We are not enemies here.

Randi: Yeah. Not until you need someone to pin a crime on.

Greenlee: This wasn't always an office, if memory serves. You know, it used to be the lounge. But since it got turned into the nicest office in the place and since I am the only company founder here, it only made sense to give it to me.

Erica: Unfortunately, this was my base of operations while I single-handedly kept Fusion afloat. So, sorry, but it seems that you've gone to all this trouble for nothing. But I do know that there's a broom closet down the hall that would fit your contributions to a T.

Greenlee: You know what you can do with those brooms in there?

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