All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 3/10/10


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Annie: Everybody knows you don't need the money! You don't need the job. But husbands? Husbands: Those are hard to find, especially at your age, and you are after mine.

Brooke: Oh, I've already had him.

Annie: Yeah? You want him back.

Brooke: Well, I try not to repeat myself.

Colby's voice: Crazy, huh? Me not knowing what to say? Even when you busted me for stealing Babe's wallet, I still had an answer. [Sobs] No, J.R., you can't die on me. I need you! You're the only big brother I have! No, no, I can't do this!

J.R.: I've never seen Colby like that.

Dixie: Well, maybe it's because you've never really seen her.

J.R.: That's not true. I love her.

Dixie: Really? J.R., you've been so involved in your own dramas. You put her on the shelf most of the time -- the cute kid sister who gets into scrapes -- but you figure "Oh, you know, she'll be ok." It's pretty sad that it's not until she's saying her good-byes that you really see her and see how much she loves you, how much she needs you.

Brooke: Oh, when I came to town, I had two boyfriends, one wild, one nice -- Benny and Dan -- and I pitted them against each other so that I could feel loved, and it ended up blowing up in my face. And you know what? When my aunt wanted me to leave town, I blackmailed her so that I could stay.

Annie: You blackmailed your own aunt, huh?

Brooke: Mm-hmm. And I'm not proud of it. I just thought that I had to do whatever I had to do in order to be loved, and, you know, she loved me despite the tactics.

Annie: Thanks for the confessional.

Brooke: Annie, all I'm saying is, is that if it's true love, you don't have to have games or plots or schemes. You need to trust the love. Well, that's the end of the sermon, and I should let you rest.

Brooke: I think you're thinking about keeping Adam. Scott told me about Adam's heart problem and his pacemaker. You know, I think you should worry less about whether Adam loves you or how much and worry about him.

Annie: I do.

Brooke: Good. Then you should stay in bed and, you know, get healthy and get strong so that you can help Adam through whatever is ahead for him.

Annie: I just want to be by his side every step.

Brooke: Then you'll just take care of him. You know, you'll make sure he takes his meds, that he eats right, that he gets enough rest.

Annie: I know how to take care of my husband, thank you.

Brooke: All right, I'm gonna go check on J.R. and see how he's doing. Are you ok?

Annie: Yeah. I'm better now.

Brooke: I'm glad we talked.

Annie: Me, too.

Annie: "Better make sure he takes his meds, eats well, gets some rest." I don't need your advice, English, I need you gone.

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