All My Children Best Lines Monday 3/8/10


Provided By Gisele

Brooke: So how did you fall in love?

Adam: You're not jealous, are you?

Brooke: In your dreams.

Natalia: I'm going to get an update on that manhunt.

Greenlee: Don't forget to wrangle up some rabid jaywalkers while you're at it. We need to keep the streets of Pine Valley safe. Who else did you get in on this little takedown? I reject you, and so you get a town full of people to get back at me?

Ryan: I would never do that, Greenlee.

Greenlee [to Natalia]: Maybe you should tell Daddy how many laws you broke trying to apprehend an innocent man.

Jake: "Innocent"? He wasn't and hasn't been innocent since he was wearing diapers.

Scott: Annie believes that everyone's been staging an anti-Annie campaign lately, and then out of nowhere you show up.

Brooke: Well, Pine Valley is full of Adam's ex-wives. I just am wife number 3.

Jake: Hi. So Dracula's on his way to prison?

Ryan: Yeah, but not yet. The bloodsucker's still out there. We got to find him.

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