All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 3/3/10


Provided By Gisele

Tad: Well, I gave the kid my place. I told him he could exchange room and board for some work around the house.

Liza: Oh, you are such a good man.

Tad: Oh, jinkies.

Liza: Why didn't he talk to his parents, though?

Tad: Oh, I can answer that. He hates his father, doesn't get along with him at all. And his mother -- he doesn't want to dump all that drama in her lap. And get this: Her name is Hill, short for Hillary.

Liza: Oh. Now I know why you're helping him.

Tad: What?

Liza: Hillary -- reminds you of the ghost of lovers past.

Tad: I never thought of that.

Liza: Hmm.

Tad: Come to think of it, he reminds me an awful lot of me when I was that age. Man, I left some wreckage in my wake. I screwed up a lot.

Liza: Well, as I recall, Hillary was collateral damage.

Tad: Yeah, she certainly was. Whew, did I break her heart.

Liza: Mine, too.

Gayle: I feel like such an idiot for getting involved with that man.

Amanda: Welcome to the club. We could make up a secret handshake, but half the women in Pine Valley would have to learn it.

Gayle: Makes me feel like an even bigger idiot.

Amanda: Don't. The thing you need to learn about David is he's an empty shell. It's like somebody scooped out his soul. He's just empty, an echo chamber, and so he takes whatever he can from whoever he can. And he's trying to fill up the inside, but the problem is he's unfillable. He is a bottomless pit, because David never has enough, and he never gives up.

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