All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 2/24/10


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Brooke: Well, I was really traveling and working all over Asia. I was traveling with Laura. I was visiting Jamie in Africa.

Scott: Well, I am thrilled you found your way home.

Tad: You really think this Miguel kid is a walking miracle, huh?

Adam: This is just between you and me, unless, of course, the results are what we hope they are.

Tad: I agree. The last thing we need is J.R. getting his hopes up all over again because of some mystery sibling, because he pops out of the woodwork. He is a sibling, isn't he?

Adam: It'll be a match. I know it will.

Tad: It's not just me. If this Miguel Reyes is a product of one of your, what, misadventures, an extra Chandler in the mix is gonna take some explaining.

Erica: You just seem more emotionally involved now than you ever were before, so -- I don't know -- if that's true, that could be a problem. If you have genuine feelings for Greenlee -- I mean, as genuine as it's possible for you to have -- you might find it very difficult to -- oh, what's the word? -- Double-cross Greenlee.

David: It's not gonna be a problem.

Erica: No, of course not. What am I saying? You would stab your best friend in the back to protect yourself, if you had a best friend.

Greenlee: Why is it that you have to go after every single man in my life?

Erica: Really, Greenlee, I stopped by to see an old friend, and you twist that into my going after your men?

Greenlee: Please. My father? You were so desperate to keep him that you didn't tell him I was his daughter.

Erica: You really need to learn to let things go.

Greenlee: And it's not enough that you slept with my ex-fiancÚ. Now you show up here. You swoop in.

Erica: I didn't swoop. I simply stopped by to see how David was doing.

Erica: Thank you. So, Jack, the answer to your question is no. No, I will not step down from this company. Did Greenlee put you up to this?

Jack: I came as a friend.

Erica: Well, if you leave now, you'll still be one.

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