All My Children Best Lines Friday 2/19/10


Provided By Gisele

Annie: If -- if that did happen, if I could do this for you, I think it would be a real shift for us. I think things would change for the better. I know that you don't like me, and you don't trust me and most of all you don't think I'm good for your father.

J.R.: That sounds about right.

Annie: But if I could do this, if I could help you, I think things would be different --

J.R.: And then what? I'd owe you? I'd be in debt to you?

J.R.: Nothing from this woman is gonna be transplanted or pumped or put into my body.

Colby: What did she say to you, J.R.?

Annie: J.R., you misunderstood.

J.R.: No. I mean it, Jake. Nothing. God knows how I'd come out.

Jake: Wait a second. We screen all the samples. Nothing is transferable.

Annie: What -- what is that supposed to mean?

J.R.: Really, Jake? You screen for crazy?

Marissa: J.R., calm down.

J.R.: No. She took a tire iron to her brother, for God's sake. Get out.

Adam: I hated sending Annie home.

J.R.: I hated having her here. I have cancer. I win.

Erica: [Sighs] Well, then tell me something, David. Was any of that lovely little speech true?

David: Every word.

Erica: Then why did it seem so made up?

David: It came from the bottom of my heart.

Erica: Oh, you found one recently?

David: Yes, that's right. I listen to her. I want to be there for her! I want to help her!

Erica: Do you want what she wants? Fusion and Pine Valley up in flames?

David: All right, you know what? Maybe this marriage isn't good enough for Erica Kane, no great love, but maybe it's good enough for me! Maybe it's what I need right now! You know, maybe once, you know, maybe there's someone out there who doesn't give a damn how damaged I am, who needs me, who gets it! Someone who looks at the world and sees the same things I do. So is it love? No. Is it as close to love as I'm ever gonna get? Well, I guess time will tell, right?

Annie: What would I do in this house? What would I do in this family without you?

Scott: If you don't understand this, Annie, I feel sorry for you.

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