All My Children Best Lines Thursday 2/11/10


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Erica: It's just that Ryan can't go on grieving forever. I mean, you said the same thing. Oh, I know this must be very difficult for you. I mean, you flew all the way over here because you're worried about me, and I know you weren't prepared for all the memories of Greenlee. I know that everywhere you look you see her.

Jack: Oh, you have no idea.

David: Go home, Ryan. Your invitation's waiting. I had it hand-delivered to make sure you got it.

Ryan: Because you so desperately want me at your wedding.

David: Well, if this wedding were limited to just my friends, the chapel would be empty.

Ryan: She's an incredible woman, all right? And I'm not gonna let you or anybody else hurt her. So have your little farce of a wedding with your stunt bride while Erica and I just take Fusion to a whole new level.

David: Right. Got it. From the mattress to the floor?

Jack: Yeah, ok. Look, I know you think you owe David for saving your life, but, Greenlee, come on. You know what he's like. He's gonna use your gratitude to control you.

Greenlee: Has anyone ever been able to control me?

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