All My Children Best Lines Thursday 2/4/10


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Ryan: There was someone here in this room.

David: I don't know what to tell you, Ryan. Maybe you heard the TV.

Ryan: No. It was a person. And I also found a woman's sweater on that couch right there earlier tonight. So why don't you stop dancing around and just answer the question, David? Who did you have in the house?

David: You found a woman's sweater here earlier? Did you break into my house?

Ryan: I'd prefer to just call it stopping by.

David: Are you the one who closed the fireplace flue, thinking I was here, trying to smoke me out?

Ryan: No. No. I wasn't. But it is a good way to get a rat out in the open, isn't it?

Jesse: All right. Come on --

Ryan: What? I'm just saying.

Colby: My God! Not worry, J.R.? No, no, no, no. You can't be sick, ok? I -- I need you!

Marissa: Colby, I know that you're upset and angry, but you just need to calm down, ok?

[Colby sobs softly]

Colby: Don't tell me how to behave. Uncle Stuart's dead. And -- and Dad could die at any moment, and little Stuart's gone. And now you. Everybody I care about is going away!

J.R.: Colby, you're not going to lose me, ok?

Colby: J.R., you -- you -- you don't know that. You can't promise that.

J.R.: Colby --

Jesse: And you had no idea that some lethal flash drive was hidden in your apartment?

Ryan: Nope. But I got a theory on that.

Jesse: Oh, good. I love theories.

David: So you have no feelings for him whatsoever?

Greenlee: I feel betrayed, yes. I mean, his undying love for me died pretty quickly. First, he slipped into Kendall's bed and then into her mother's. I will make Ryan regret what he did, just like I'll bring down Erica, but I'm not going to do that by running away. I have to stay and fight. So am I going to be doing that on my own, David, or are you going to stay and fight with me? We're kindred spirits, David. Neither one of us has ever given up, so why were we thinking of turning and running? We can't do that. I am fighting for my dignity. Fight for yours as well. We can take on this town together, you and I. We can make it ours.

David: It's moments like this I understand why he loved you so much.

Greenlee: I told you I don't give a damn about Ryan.

David: Not Ryan, Leo.

Greenlee: Oh. So what's your answer? Are you going to stay and fight?

David: I have no place to go, no one in the world but you. So do you have a plan for taking back Pine Valley?

Greenlee: We're going to start with a ceremony.

David: Really! Ha ha! What kind of ceremony?

Greenlee: You're gonna marry me.

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