All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 2/2/10


Provided By Gisele

Jake: I'm gonna go with you, ok?

Tad: Oh, jinkies, this should be fun. This is a finesse job. We're gonna finesse this, ok?

Jake: Sure.

Tad: It's Hayward's pilot. It means he works for him. A head-on confrontation is not gonna work.

Jake: All right.

Tad: Is this thing on?

Jake: Yes. No problem. "Finesse" is my middle name.

Tad: No, Joseph, "Henry" is your middle name.

Jake: Why you got to tell everybody that?

Annie: I will let you know I worked on budget a lot when I worked at Fusion, and I was really, really damn good at it.

Scott: I'm sure you were.

Annie: Kendall and Greenlee were stupid to fire me.

Scott: I don't think you were let go because of bad math skills.

Annie: Ok, fine. That's fair. Greenlee was a vindictive little brat who wanted to make my life a living hell. But that being said, I can crunch numbers in my sleep. Let me help.

Annie: Why are you being so negative? You and I both know we would make a great team.

Scott: We would not make a great team, and you know why.

Adam: If my pacemaker leaps out of my chest and runs screaming into the night, then my daughter is to blame. What's going on in here?

Annie: Scott's afraid to work with me.

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