All My Children Best Lines Monday 2/1/10


Provided By Gisele

Opal: Oh, I was at home when the wind kicked up, and I got to playing with my tea leaves, and --

Jake: Come on in, Opal.

Opal: Well, look at them. Just look at them. Well, they moved around a little bit on the way over here, but I am telling you, they gave such a strong reading that something from our past is coming back to town -- it's heading right toward us -- and then on the way over here, the storm really kicked up, blew a tree over right in the middle of the road. I'm telling you, there are signs everywhere, everywhere.

Jake: Ok. All right. Listen. It's gonna be ok. You're here now. Everybody is safe, right? Everyone is safe.

Amanda: Opal, can I get you some tea or --

Opal: Tea?

Amanda: Something else?

Opal: Got to get back home, but you just call me if you need anything, honey, all right?

Jake: Thank you. It's nice to see you.

Opal: Yeah. All right.

Jake: All righty. Wish she was a coffee drinker. You ok?

Amanda: I'm ok.

Jake: Yeah? You ok? Because Opal, you know, sometimes she can be so Opal.

Amanda: That's why we love her.

David: All right. Let me guess. You want to know what I'm doing back in town.

Tad: I wouldn't be surprised to find out you've been hanging upside down in the attic the entire time.

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