All My Children Best Lines Friday 1/29/10


Provided By Gisele

Annie: Colby, how could your father have set this up if we didn't even know we were coming here?

Colby: Are you serious? My dad can arrange corporate takeovers over tee times. Arranging my marriage is a piece of cake in comparison.

Liza: So I wonder where our host is.

Tad: Oh, you know Erica.

Liza: Unfortunately, I do.

Liza: Colby's gonna rebel. I mean, you know that. Why is your wife shaking her head?

Annie: First Zach, now Tad. It's really hard to keep up with you. Maybe if you were a better role model for you daughter --

Liza: Padded cells and straightjackets -- they send a much better message.

Annie: Please. That is all a part of my past. In all honesty --

Liza: From you. Hmm.

Annie: I hope that Colby sees what her father and I have and tries to emulate it.

Liza: Oh, God help her if she does.

Liza: Wait, honey, did Adam do something?

Colby: Um, you won't believe it.

Liza: Oh, yeah? Try me.

Colby: Ok. Well, Dad couldn't stand that he wasn't gonna be around when his will got read. So he made this whole merit trust to torture us with while he's still around to enjoy it.

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