All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 1/27/10


Provided By Gisele

Tad: Yeah, I will, too. What? Come on, honey. You know I wasn't really out there flashing somebody, right?

Bailey: Yeah, I know that. It's just that, you know, your guy pretends to get arrested to apologize to you, my guy actually gets arrested.

Annie: Colby's upset. She'll get over it and do what her father wants. You know, aubergine is so trendy, but who knows by next season.

Scott: But marry whoever he picks for her?

Annie: Ok. Colby may make some noise. Maybe she'll even break a few more things. But eventually she's going to do what Adam says.

Scott: Why would she?

Annie: Money is an excellent motivator. And Colby wants her piece of the pie just as much as everybody else.

Scott: Yeah, well, maybe that's what's wrong with this family. Adam has been buying their love since birth. That is all they know. How sad is that?

Annie: Don't pretend like you're above it. We all have a price, Scotty. Even you.

Damon: Wait! Look, we're not friends. You don't like me. I get that. But I'm not the thief. I need you to give me a break.

Colby: You know, isn't that what my mom's been doing? Bailey, too? And here you are.

Damon: Look, look, I messed up, ok? Didn't you ever screw up before? Wish you had one more chance to make it right? Ah, what am I saying? Rich, spoiled brat like you. You never screw up, do you? If you do, your daddy just buys you a whole new basket of shiny new chances.

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