All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 1/20/10


Provided By Gisele

Marissa: He's not dying. He faked the whole thing knowing what I had been through with my adoptive parents, and knowing what we're going through, and he knew that Trevor wasn't his son. I just -- I just don't understand.

J.R.: You started having doubts when we were waiting on Trevor's DNA results. I mean, after everything that David's pulled, this can't really surprise you.

Marissa: It doesn't.

J.R.: Then what don't you understand?

Marissa: How can I still care about David? What is wrong with me?

J.R.: There's nothing wrong with you. You're always gonna feel that way because he's your father. It's the same thing with Adam. You want to love him because you have that connection.

Marissa: But I can't.

J.R.: Then don't. Fight it. Take it from me, if you love your father too much, it'll ruin your life.

Krystal: Hi. Rob and I came back from the movie, and we turned on the news. I guess we just fell asleep.

Tad: Yeah, and when you were asleep, your lips fell, and they slipped and fell all over his face. And I guess -- I guess it was Mama that came downstairs and turned the television off.

Brot: What happened to your face?

David: I ran into a wall. Clumsy me, huh?

Colby: Wait. The guy might come back and try and get in the house?

Brot: We don't know that, but just in case, be sure to keep your doors and your windows locked.

Natalia: Yeah, and tell your security team to step it up.

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