All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 1/19/10


Provided By Gisele

Scott: Ok. Well, if you really want to play up to her and lay low, suggesting that she is trying to kill him with sex is not the way to do it.

Colby: She is playing a game, and if we're not careful, game over. Whodunit? Annie in the bedroom with a negligee.

David: Look. The whole thing, it just spiraled out of control. I became desperate. I was trying so hard to hold on to the son I thought all that time was mine, and when I found out he wasn't -- Marissa, what can I tell you? I'm a screwed-up man, all right? I mean, here I was, trying to hold on to a child that isn't mine at the risk of losing a daughter who is and who's been here all along. Yes. I came here to tell everyone, but more important, I came here to tell you first. You're all I have left, Marissa, so I'm asking you, please, can you find it in your heart to forgive me?

Marissa: I don't know if I can do that, I mean, certainly not right now. I am too damn angry, and you have got way too many other people to clear things up with first, but you are very right about one thing, David. You are one screwed-up man.

J.R.: I didn't come here to see you. I didn't come here to see anyone. Just wanted to see this old place.

Colby: How come?

J.R.: Remember what it was like to have a father.

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