All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 1/12/10


Provided By Gisele

Kendall: Is everything all right?

Erica: [While in bed with Ryan] Of course, it is, honey. Of course. I just had, um, some things to handle outside the office.

Jake: I love that little boy. I love him like he's my own.

Amanda: I know you do. It's been almost four years since I lost my father, and I'm still dealing with it. I don't think I'll ever get past it. You know, one day when Trevor is older, he's going to ask me questions about David. And not because you are not the most wonderful father, just because he's part of him. And when he asks those questions, I need to be able to hold my head up and say that I was nice to him, I was kind to him, even if he didn't deserve it. And I did not leave him to die alone the way that my mother did to my father. I hated her for that, and I do not want Trevor to hate me. Look, I -- I know that I cannot change your opinion of David. But I can at least put your mind at ease. I could never, ever love him, Jake. It would be impossible because I already gave my heart to you. Can't you feel that?

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