All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 1/6/10


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Erica: Well, so, I don't know what Ryan's reaction was when he saw that, and I don't know how Ryan responded when they asked him the same question. I mean, for all I know, Ryan said that -- that he didn't want any kind of a relationship right now.

Opal: Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit. Are you actually telling me that you are insecure about what's going on with Ryan? You?

Amanda: I always expect the truth from you, and you know that.

Jake: Well, good. Then you should know that my first priority and only priority is you, ok. Now, when you tell me to close my mouth and shut my mouth around him, I do it because you ask me to, but that's not easy for me.

Amanda: Funny, I never feel like you hold anything back.

Jake: Really? Well, I do. I do it for you. You think I care about him? I only care about whatever he's doing doesn't end up hurting you. You think I care about him and his medical supplies getting messed up or something? No, I don't care. And because of what he's done, after what he's done to you, me, and this family, I wish that he would just do us all a favor and hurry up and die already, if you want to know the truth.

Amanda: Have some compassion.

Jake: I do...have compassion. I have it for you. I have it for Trevor. I just don't have it for him. You know what I want to do? I want to peel back his mask and show the world exactly who he is, that his disease is nothing but a lie. It's just to manipulate you. And I just -- you have to know no matter what he says or what he does, I will never believe him.

Amanda: So you're still going to Gloucester no matter what I say? If you keep acting like this, Jake, if you keep doing this to David, I don't know how we can go on.

David: You might want to be careful not to put too much stock in dreams, Greenlee. They're bound to be some surprises.

Greenlee: Tell me Ryan's not looking up at the moon with Emma right now wishing I was with them. Tell me my death didn't bring my dad and Erica back together. Tell me Kendall won't be waiting with open arms to welcome me back. Go ahead, tell me I'm wrong.

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