All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 12/30/09


Provided By Gisele

Tad: Really? Why aren't you laughing? Instead of trying to run.

Gayle: I'm not.

Tad: Good. 'Cause if you did, I'd make a citizen's arrest, and unfortunately, I left my cuffs by the bedside table. Know what I'm saying?

[Annie lights some candles]

Colby: I thought you weren't allowed to be around sharp objects or fire.

Annie: I'm limited to three matches a day.

Liza: How hard is it when you only have a few months to live and everybody just wants you dead?

David: You trying to drive another man to his death?

Liza: Willis was in a car accident.

David: Oh, of course, he was. A life cut tragically short.

Tad: Yeah, when young people die, it's always tragic. Present company excluded.

Jake: Hey, I have the makings of a Zen master. I want you to know that.

Amanda: You pointed a gun at David.

Jake: Did I pull the trigger? No, I didn't. And that shows amazing restraint.

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