All My Children Best Lines Monday 12/21/09


Provided By Gisele

Kendall: You kept going on with this sick, ridiculous plan to make me love you. Aidan, how could you ever, ever think that that would possibly work? What happened to you? What, you lost Greenlee, and then Annie, and then your mind?

Aidan: You took Greenlee away from me. Kendall, I'm sorry. I am. I'm sorry. I'm sure that doesn't mean a damn thing to you right now, but -- this is not the way I wanted it to go down. Ok, you're right -- about a lot of things. I -- I've lost it, and -- I haven't been the same since Greenlee died. You ran her right off the road. And I can't forgive you for that. And I wanted to make you see my hurt -- how much I'm hurt. I'm sorry for this, ok? I'm sorry. Whatever happens to me is fine. Because I'm just fed up with Pine Valley, anyway. There's too much flipping drama.

Jake: And then she starts talking about, "Wow. How wonderful is he? He's -- he's sacrificing, and he's giving us custody of Trevor," which isn't really happened yet, but, you know -- and now, she's believing that we're in some sort of a Hayward-free zone where we get to live without him. That's not true, because custody comes with strings, right? Actually, it's not strings, it's more like a -- a bungee cord that's attached to my wife which will just pull her right back to Wildwind into his arms, and I don't know what to do.

Tad: Shut up. Of course, you know what to do. You fight.

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