All My Children Best Lines Thursday 12/17/09


Provided By Gisele

Aidan: Just so that you know, we are in an abandoned warehouse in the middle of nowhere. So if you want to scream, the only thing you're gonna do is annoy me, and I'll just retie that gag. Understand?

Krystal: I tell you, I don't think Adam will ever be the same after what happened to Stuart. But I have to say, that lion's still got some teeth.

Liza: Well, at least he's got a wife with some matching claws now.

Adam: Oh, I'd like to take this opportunity to say to everyone I'm sorry about what happened between us at the courthouse. And I'm sure, in time, you'll understand my decision.

Marissa: No one understands your decisions. You traded your family and the love of that family for a vicious little tramp.

Annie: Well! I don't expect any of you to accept me, at least not yet, but I did hope that eventually your feelings for me would thaw a bit.

J.R.: Hmm! Sure, then we'll all go ice skating in hell.

Angie: What could you possibly have gotten me, David? A surprise coup? Have you arranged some plan to have me kicked out of my chief of staff position?

Krystal: A glass of spiked milk for me, maybe?

Adam: You're gonna try to kill me again? Yo ho ho, Adam's gotta go.

J.R.: Let me guess. You're gonna try to steal my son after the New year?

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