All My Children Best Lines Thursday 11/5/09


Provided By Gisele

Annie: Come on, Scott, what does Adam value more than anything?

Scott: You better hope it's not honesty.

Ryan: I can still feel the weight of the gun in my hand. I can still hear my heart pounding as I pulled the trigger, and I put a bullet in my brother Jonathan. I mean, in a way you're lucky I'm here. I can give you some insights into the joys of life after killing your brother. There aren't any, Adam. Me, I went out of my mind. I went out of my mind. I drove off a cliff. I couldn't live with the pain. I couldn't. I wanted to be as dead as Jonathan was.

Adam: He wasn't dead.

Ryan: No, he wasn't, and it's a good thing I found that out. Because the guilt would have definitely crushed me. But you know what, for you, I guess it's almost twice as much guilt, right? Because Stuart isn't coming back, and it's not just you and your family that's suffering. It's Kendall and her family that's suffering as well. At least put an end to that, Adam. It is your only chance of relief from this. Just admit that you killed Stuart and put an end to all of this.

Angie: David said if I came forward about his illegal drugs that he would bring you, Zach, and Ryan down. I told him to go ahead. I'd watch you all go down.

Jesse: So you were counting on him to protect himself, give you whatever you wanted if you kept quiet?

Angie: And it worked.

Jesse: Ahh. See, this is exactly what I didn't want -- you getting any more involved in all this mess.

Angie: First time I got something out of it.

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