All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 11/3/09


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Adam: Well, Annie -- you said nothing. Annie I know could -- but you? Why did -- why did you keep this secret?

Scott: Because she wanted to protect you. And she made me understand that it was what was best for you. I never wanted revenge for my father's death, Uncle Adam. I only wanted justice. And what justice would there be in punishing you when you hadn't even known what you'd done?

Tad: No matter what J.R. goes through, you can't think of your child as something he's leaving you. Ok? I understand maybe he's rushing things because he's thinking of the worst-case scenario, when in reality you having his child gives him more to fight for. He may be in for a long, very tough fight. And as a second father, as far as I'm concerned, the more he has to fight for the better. Which makes the two of you having a bambino the next most beautiful, logical step.

Marissa: It's what I want, too.

Tad: Good. Good. You can't think of your son or your daughter as something like that. It's -- they're a product of happiness, not sadness. Look, Marissa, we're all gonna die someday. Our most important legacy is our children. They're like a -- beautiful, walking reminder, like an echo of the love that two people once shared.

Adam: Why don't you tell me how much you hate me?

Scott: I don't hate you. I can't. You're all I have left.

Scott: You need to stop thinking about the past. You have a responsibility to this family. Do not sacrifice yourself for something that was clearly an awful mistake. If I can accept that, then so can you. You need to think of J.R. and Marissa and Little Adam and Colby. You turn yourself in, and this whole family comes crashing down, this family that my father loved so much. He wouldn't want to see you suffer, Uncle Adam. Not for something that was an accident. Please keep this a secret. You have punished yourself enough. Keep the past where it belongs and be the man we need you to be.

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