All My Children Best Lines Friday 10/30/09


Provided By Gisele

Amanda: Yes, I have plans with Jake. Do you have a problem with that?

David: As long as those plans involve abstinence, no. No problem at all.

Amanda: Oh, God. No sex -- I know.

David: Good. Because I wasn't sure if you really got that, since you didn't come home last night.

Amanda: Wow. Why don't you just attach a GPS to my butt, David? You know what? Better yet, why don't you get me one of those ankle monitors? I heard Annie Lavery's is free.

Jake: Thank you. Thank you very much. She's gonna get, you know, injected with Satan's seed.

Liza: You actually just said that, didn't you?

David: Oh, great. Here we go again: Martin double trouble to the rescue. You know, you two should get matching capes.

Jake: Can you just not help yourself? You have to rub her nose in it. You know that Krystal can't have kids, jackass.

David: Yeah, I know it, ok? Now, get out of my face, toilet paper roll. Excuse me? Hi. Can I please get a scotch, neat?

Liza: Wow, you've got a knack for making friends, don't you? You want some ice with that?

David: I like it straight up, thank you.

Liza: I meant your face. You know, maybe if you wore a costume, you would've avoided one hell of a slap.

David: Hmm. Why bother when everyone already thinks that I'm a monster, right?

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