All My Children Best Lines Monday 10/19/09


Provided By Gisele

Annie: Remember what it was like right before you got hurt, how upset you were and everybody was fighting and that's why you left the room and fell down the stairs? If you just do what I say and stay quiet, all the bad things will go away.

Emma: Daddy said it's important to tell the truth.

Annie: I know, and he's right about that, sweetie, but, Emma, I really need you to do this one last thing for Mommy, ok, or else something bad could happen. We don't want that, do we? No. No. I'll tell you what to say to Daddy or to anybody else who asks questions, ok? Will you do this one last thing for Mommy?

Zach: Tell us the truth, and it'll set you free.

Annie: I know what the real problem is, why you're really ticked. It's because Kendall ran off, but she didn't run off with either of you two. She ran off with an ex-lover instead. Rejection really sucks, doesn't it?

David: You didn't have to lie to me.

Amanda: Ha! You make people lie to you. You make people go behind your back. You're such a control freak. You are always sure that the world is against you, looking for the insult so you can hit back harder, show that you are the biggest, the baddest. You bet I lied, and if you weren't such an asshat, then maybe people would stop lying to you and start liking you.

Amanda: I'm sorry that you came here for nothing.

Jesse: I know Jake was with Kendall, and I'm willing to bet that you probably were, too. I don't need you to confirm or deny that. Just tell me, you were the one that went upside his head, right? Way to go. Hit him again for me, would you, hard.

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