All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 10/6/09


Provided By Gisele

Jake: Well, the thing about him is that he is basically his own worst enemy. I've been thinking about this. 'Cause he loves to be in control, right? And the minute he would lose control, he would crash and burn.

Amanda: David is in control.

Jake: Yeah, but if we're really in love, he can't control that. And that would eventually eat him up alive. I mean, eventually, a person would have to implode, and that would mean a happy ending for us 'cause all we're doing is just living our lives and being true to who we are.

Jake: What's it like alone at night with him? I bet that he sits at a roaring fire, brooding under his unibrow.

Amanda: Hee hee.

Colby: You used Stuart. You used Bailey. You used me to get what you want. And I fell for it, the whole thing -- the adorable little brother, the happy family. And it was all a game. The game's over.

Tad: So, that's it? You're just gonna walk away?

Colby: Don't treat me like some kid throwing a tantrum. My mom was brave enough to tell the truth? Why can't she ever start there?

Tad: I'm sure she wishes she had.

Colby: Only because she's getting buried by her lies. Look, I know you want me to forgive her and be an adult, but I've been smothered by lies my whole life. My dad lied about my conception. Everyone thought I was Jake's kid for how long until the truth came out? My parents lie, get caught, apologize, and swear it'll never happen again. And I always believe them. But it always starts again. No more. I'm done.

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