All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 9/22/09


Provided By Gisele

Tad: Good news, ladies and gentlemen. I've just been informed that a very generous donor has pledged 10,000 -- yes, that is $10,000 -- to see Erica Kane back together with Ryan Lavery. That's what I call a money couple.

Erica: Ah. Adam, pledging a small fortune just to keep Annie away from Ryan? Really, are you that insecure?

Adam: You're just envious because you have to leave these arms.

Erica: Oh, right. Because Ryan's are so unappealing?

Adam: Yeah. Have fun with your doormat.

Erica: Enjoy your lunatic.

Adam: Ah. I'll be sure to wave at you from the winners' circle.

Erica: Oh.

Tad: Gentlemen, gentlemen. Touching and moving at all times, please. Sounds dirty, doesn't it? You dance or you leave.

Aidan: And what happened to me staying out of it?

Zach: Little late for that, isn't it? Can you handle this or not?

Aidan: Sure, I can. No worries. I'll take good care of your wife, and I promise you this time I'll keep my hands to myself.

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